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WIPER is the abbreviation of Weighted In-Path Edge Ranking, which can help evaluate all the biomolecular interactions/associations (“edges”) in a network model to generate a rank order of them, based on their in-path traversal scores and a statistical significance test result.

WIPER can help biology users to highlight potentially critical molecular signaling or gene regulatory events in the network model. To validate whether WIPER worked as designed, we first tested the algorithm on a synthetic network model. Our test results showed that WIPER can reliably discover both critical “well traversed in-path edges” which are statistically more traversed than normal edges and “peripheral in-path edges” which are less traversed than normal edges. Compared with other simple measures such as betweenness centrality, WIPER provides better biological interpretations.

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Zongliang Yue, Thanh Nguyen, Eric Zhang, Jianyi Zhang, Jake Y. Chen. WIPER: Weighted in-Path Edge Ranking for biomolecular association networks.Quant. Biol., 2019, 7(4): 313‒326. doi