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We describe a new biomolecular characterization and prioritization tool called Weighted In-Network Node Expansion and Ranking (WINNER). It takes the input of any molecular interaction network data and generates an optionally expanded network with all the nodes ranked according to their relevance to one another in the network. To help users assess the robustness of results, WINNER provides two dierent types of statistics. The first type is a node-expansion p-value, which helps evaluate the statistical significance of adding “non-seed” molecules to the original biomolecular interaction network consisting of “seed” molecules and molecular interactions. The second type is a node-ranking p-value, which helps evaluate the relative statistical significance of the contribution of each node to the overall network architectur

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Nguyen T, Yue Z, Slominski R, Welner R, Zhang J, Chen JY. WINNER: A network biology tool for biomolecular characterization and prioritization. Front Big Data, 4, 2022 Nov 4;5:1016606. doi PMID: 36407327