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Statistical Enrichment Analysis of Samples (SEAS) is a tool to find which clinical (metadata) attributes are enriched within a sample subset. For example, SEAS answer the following questions:

  • I have population data with brain cancer survival time; I select an interested patient subcohort, such as who received X treatment; does this subcohort have long survival time? SEAS can be used to infer or annotate the unknown clinical (metadata) attribute of a sample. For example:
  • I same a brain cancer patient whom I do not know the survival time; can I use SEAS to infer the survival time of the patient? To do so, I can define a subcohort, which includes the most similar patients to the unknown survival-time patient. The question is converted to the one above, which can be answered by SEAS. Also, in SEAS, I can use embedding to view similar patients.

How to cite us

Nguyen, T. M., Bharti, S., Yue, Z., Willey, C. D., & Chen, J. Y. (2021). Statistical Enrichment Analysis of Samples: A General-Purpose Tool to Annotate Metadata Neighborhoods of Biological Samples. Frontiers in big data, 4, 725276. doi