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The Human Annotated and Predicted Protein Interaction (HAPPI) Database is a free, open-access, and comprehensive database collection of computer annotated human protein-protein interactions from public data sources and computational predictions. The database was developed by exhaustively integrating publicly available human protein interaction data from BioGRID,I2D, IntnetDB, HPRD, and STRING databases into a data warehouse powered by our Oracle 11g relational database server. In the data warehouse, various types of sequence, structure, pathway, and literature annotation data from established bioinformatics resources such as NCBI, PubMed, UniProt, HUGO, EBI, PDB were also integrated. Our long-term goal is to develop a new type of protein interaction database resource for biomedical scientists, who are interested in evaluating biological significant protein interactions, developing disease pathway models, and identifying disease drug targets or diagnostic biomarkers.

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Chen, J. Y., Pandey, R., & Nguyen, T. M. (2017) HAPPI-2: a Comprehensive and High-quality Map of Human Annotated and Predicted Protein Interactions, BMC genomics, 4, 18(1), 182. doi